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WHO CAN enter?

The CMA International Content Marketing Awards are open to any agency producing content on behalf of a client, regardless of whether or not they are CMA members or which country they produce content for.


The work must have been conducted between 1 September 2014 - 31 August 2015.

how do i enter?

Register to set up an account. (name, company, contact details, username and password creation)

Once you are signed in to your online account you may add your entry and complete the submission details as indicated

Entries are completed online but you must also send through 4 hard copies to us.

Decide on all relevant categories for the work you would like to enter

Download your ENTRY PACK to have all the information in one place

If you have printed materials such as a magazine or photos you can choose to include hard copies in the judging process. If this applies to you, please send four hard copies of your entry, the entry form and examples of your work.

Send hard copies of your entry to:

CMA, 31-35 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TE, UK

We also accept PDF and Digital versions of your work.

Please provide any relevant URL's on your entry forms, especially if it is a video entry. 


Deadline for entries is Friday 11th September.

Please ensure your hard copies arrive before 5pm on this date.


The cost per entry is:

• £195 + VAT for CMA and ICMF members
• £295 + VAT for non-members


Entry tips

The International Content Marketing Awards are known throughout the industry as long-lasting indicators of excellence. Not only do they provide a focal point for the content marketing industry, with clients trusting them as a guide to the finest talent, but they increase morale amongst staff and agencies of all sizes.

But before the glitz and glamour of the awards ceremony on Thursday 3rd December 2015 there’s a couple of rounds of judging to get through.

So, here are our top tips to creating the entry that will hopefully bag you a gong – as well as give you and your teams a fantastic night out.

You can view an example entry form here.


1. Help needed

Make sure everyone in your agency is aware of these awards and how important they are, both individually and collectively as a team. To create a winning entry you will need information, creative and evidence from your editorial, design and account handling teams. Try sending a note round asking for their help in advance.


2. Hand it over

Give the responsibility of creating and submitting all your entries to a trusted and talented member of your company, and give them the time and support to gather all the material to make each entry shine.

If someone in your agency isn’t responding to their requests quickly enough, get involved and give them a push in the right direction.


3. Effectiveness effectiveness effectiveness

In case you hadn’t twigged by now, these awards are about effectiveness. So make sure that your entries can be measured, that they contain the most stunning results, the most compelling pieces of research and the most persuasive arguments as to why they should triumph over all others.

There have been some fantastic-looking pieces of content over the years that have been swiftly dismissed - simply because they had no results to show effectiveness.


4. Cut to the chase

While plenty of evidence is good, inch-thick print-outs of irrelevant research is not. Judges have neither the time or the inclination to sift through reams of information looking for the piece of effectiveness gold, so make it easy for them by gathering all the exciting stuff up front.


5. Sell your content

As a content marketing agency, your role is to engage your target audience with accessible and inspiring content, so producing entertaining and persuasive awards entries should be a doddle. You have an entire company full of copy and design specialists, so use them to create something so compelling that the judges won’t fail to give it top marks.


You can also view our FAQs for more help on putting together your entry.





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